Product Launch: Phasio 2.0 - Revolutionizing Manufacturer-Customer Communication

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May 15, 2024
Product Launch: Phasio 2.0 - Revolutionizing Manufacturer-Customer Communication

Revolutionizing Manufacturer-Customer Communication

TL;DR: We’re excited to share with you what we’ve built over the last few months based on your feedback, needs, and desires. Everyone curious to learn why this update is so meaningful is invited to join us for our product launch on January 25, 2024. (See the bottom of this post for sign-up links.)*

A Little Odyssey: A Brief History of Phasio’s Journey

As you know, we embarked on a journey to transform how the manufacturing industry works. Coming from technical backgrounds in additive manufacturing and computer sciences, we discovered a wide variety of challenges along the way. These ranged from tackling certification and quality management challenges to invoicing and generating more revenue by bringing on more business.

For those who’ve followed our journey, you’ve seen in the early versions of Phasio how many things we’ve tried, avenues we’ve searched, and how deep we went to find out what your biggest, most immediate pains are that we can help you with.

Being a startup ourselves, we understand the importance of being visible (marketing/brand), ensuring people know about you, and engaging them positively (sales/business development — CRM). All this while managing internal processes well — planning, resource management, work allocation, and continuous transparency towards the customer side, all while ensuring we deliver an excellent product (for you: PLM/ERP). In this journey, we found that connecting both the commercial and technical team with customers, bringing in new potential deals, all while internally communicating end-user needs and keeping you updated with product status is an immediate priority.

The Three Virtues

So we shaped our belief that focus is only placed on what matters. We believe there are only 3 things a manufacturer should focus on:

  1. Fabrication (making stuff)
  2. Building customer relationships
  3. Sharing technical knowledge with customers and their community

Outside of this, there is a huge amount of time wasted. Some examples of non-virtuous tasks are preparing invoices, quoting, writing documents for certification, taking ‘check-in’ calls to update customers, repeatedly educating customers about the same, simple concepts.

Deus Ex-Machina: Let’s Solve This

We decided to solve this part of the equation for you, the manufacturers, once and for all. Revolutionizing Manufacturer-Customer communication while acting as an extension of your IT-team, we’re alleviating some of the worst nightmares in administration and digital processes. We’ve learned that in manufacturing, IT departments often feel overworked and under-appreciated. Or that there is none, and external people get hired to get work done.

So this is where Phasio’s team and platform come in, partnering with forward-thinking manufacturing organizations like yours. We believe that high-quality products can be delivered with less internal friction while focusing time and energy on fostering high-quality relationships, resulting in a loyal customer base with recurring orders and healthy engagement.

Phasio’s platform achieves this by providing a variety of modules ranging from a customer-facing storefront, an intelligent take-in form that educates customers on your materials and prequalifies manufacturing and design projects, to instant-quotation capabilities. All this while automating repetitive admin work in the background and connecting the dots to your PLM, ERP, CRM, MES, or other digital systems you use.

In revolutionizing manufacturer-customer communication, we help you create a trusting partnership and transparency with your customers. We care about this because it’s not only about improving customer satisfaction; it also provides you with an auditable trail of data, critical for product certification and compliance. This blog article won’t cover all that Phasio does, but rather gives you a bird’s-eye view of what’s new in this release. If you’d like to learn more about our general use cases, have a look at our homepage (we’re updating this one soon!) and our AI-powered conversational interface mGPT.

What’s New and Why Should You Care?

Direct Communication via Quotes, Orders, and Projects

The old way was email. Actually, (too) many emails. Manufacturing teams rely on distributed and shared information across all stakeholders. You can now communicate directly with your customers about changes, acceptance, and rejection of quotes or parts. This transparency in the process creates a sense of shared development, co-creation, and overall satisfaction with the product design & ordering process. Simultaneously, it empowers you as the digital thread becomes a trail of auditable data, where everyone can see the changes in a part, which can be communicated with certification authorities for getting the product certified.

Reordering parts with the Customer-Specific Parts Catalog

Reordering cannot be simpler when it is like taking a part off a shelf. This workflow allows you to upload designs completed or produced into a digital repository for your customer. Here, you can configure the process with which you are producing parts for the specific customer (technology, material, and processing conditions) along with the price (automated and manual pricing works here). Your customer can then see this in their dashboard, select the part, add it to the checkout process, and adjust the quantity, allowing for reordering parts they worked on with you without having multiple back and forth between them. Preliminary testing has shown that this drives up revenue for those who make use of this.

Revamped Customer Dashboard

The new dashboard gives you and your customers a single place to see all the quotes, orders, projects, and parts catalog. Here, Phasio users can see all information and communication with you on a per-order, per-project, and per-quote basis. The resulting transparency and enhanced communication between you and your customers have been shown to save time, increase trust, and offer peace of mind to both parties.

mGPT for Bespoke Projects

Traditionally, you spend a significant amount of time speaking with (potential) customers to find out if a potential deal is a good fit. To counter the amount of rework, negotiation, communication, and back and forth required to qualify an incoming request, we have introduced the manufacturing-GMT (mGPT) chat to projects functionality running on a GPT model. This helps you prequalify customers, categorize their requirements, and create a project request containing all essential information regarding the manufacturing process. Early feedback says users find it fun and informative, but more importantly it has proven time and energy savings required to talk to and validate customer requirements.

Want to See This in Action?

We’d love to invite you to our product launch on January 25, 2024, during which we dive deeper into Phasio 2.0 and see these features in action. This session is not just a demonstration but an opportunity to discuss, ask questions, and see how Phasio 2.0 is the start of a valuable evolution in manufacturing operations.

📅 Date: 25 January 2024
⏰ Time: 8am CET (option 1 — EU/APAC); 6pm CET (option 2 — US/EU)
🔗 Registration Links EU/APAC:
🔗 Registration Links US/EU:

This event is for all manufacturers eager to streamline and optimise their processes and elevate their customer relationships.

(Spoiler alert: we will share some more exciting news with you about the coming few months during the product launch 🚀)

Looking Ahead

As we continue to innovate and enhance Phasio’s capabilities, our commitment to supporting the manufacturing industry remains steadfast. Keep an eye out for more updates and join us in shaping a more efficient, transparent, and collaborative manufacturing future.

PS: if you’d like to have a personal demo of the product or want to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you on or book a demo here.

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