How implementing Phasio streamlined Fracktal Works business

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May 13, 2024
How implementing Phasio streamlined Fracktal Works business
Ganesh V from Fracktal Works "Implementing Phasio was a game-changer for our business, streamlining our workflow, reducing manual efforts, and enhancing customer satisfaction."




We have been utilizing Phasio’s online 3D printing service quoting engine for our business, revolutionizing our entire 3D printing services operation. The automated system has significantly reduced manpower requirements, optimized our workflow, and eliminated the hassles associated with manual quoting, CAD analysis, client payments, order transparency, and constant follow-up calls. "Phasio has genuinely transformed our business for the better."


Before implementing Phasio, our company spent a significant amount of time manually calculating quotes for 3D printing projects. This process involved lengthy back-and-forth communication with clients, often leading to delays, errors, and confusion. Additionally, managing payments and tracking the progress of each order required continuous follow-up and coordination.


However, since integrating Phasio into our operations, we have experienced remarkable improvements. The system seamlessly automates the quoting process, enabling us to generate accurate quotes instantly based on the provided project details and specifications. Clients can now access the platform, upload their CAD files, and receive a precise quote within minutes.


Not only has this automation reduced the time and effort required for quoting, but it has also enhanced the transparency and efficiency of our order flow. Phasio sends emails that provide a clear overview to the clients about the order status, from order placement to fulfillment, allowing us and our clients to track the progress of each project in real-time on Kanban. This visibility has significantly reduced the number of follow-up calls from clients seeking updates on their orders, improving overall customer satisfaction.


Furthermore, the integrated payment system has streamlined our financial operations. Clients can conveniently make secure payments through the platform, eliminating the need for manual invoicing and separate payment processes. This has expedited our payment collection and improved cash flow management.


In summary, Phasio has transformed our business by automating and optimizing our workflow. It has empowered us to provide quicker and more accurate quotes, improve order transparency, reduce follow-up calls, and enhance overall client satisfaction." We highly recommend this platform to any company seeking to streamline their 3D printing services and achieve operational excellence."


About Phasio: Phasio develops software for SME manufacturers that makes ordering parts, designing parts, and communicating with customers seamless. Phasio is headquartered in Singapore with another office in Berlin. Phasio has over 50 customers in Singapore, Australia, Germany, India, The UK, and Greece. Website: 

About Fracktal Works: Fracktal Works is one of India’s largest industrial FDM 3D printer manufacturers that provides 3D printing services for different businesses across India. They assist schools, companies, and SMEs who want to get started with 3D printing with training, practical workshops, and end-use part production. 

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