1. Which languages and currencies do you support?


Phasio currently supports English, German, French, Dutch, and Greek languages. We support INR, USD, AUD, CAD, SGD, EUR, and MYR. We will continue to add other languages and currencies as requested by our customers.

2. How long does the free account last?


The Explorer plan is free forever. Even in the Explorer plan, you can start accepting orders immediately when you sign up on the platform.

3. How do I cancel my subscription?


You can cancel your subscription by writing to us at hello@phas.io. In the future, you will be able to cancel your subscription from your account.

4. How do I import my customers into Phasio?


Phasio has integrations with Zoho Books, Xero and Quickbooks. Not only can you import your customers from these platforms; Phasio will also keep your accounting system up-to-date with your production workflow.

5. Where is my data stored?


Phasio has a presence in Berlin and Singapore and follows local laws with regard to data protection and privacy. You can read more about this in our terms and conditions. Data is stored in Microsoft Azure data-centers in Germany.

6. How does Phasio determine the price of a particular part?


Phasio has built an algorithmic engine that can fit its pricing structure to your logic. All you have to do is provide a price for the five parts in the platform, and our algorithm will help determine the suitable pricing logic for your parts.

7. What payment providers can I connect to with Phasio?


With Phasio, you can connect your Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, and PayTM accounts.

8. Does Phasio work with WordPress websites?


Phasio can be integrated with WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and your custom website. It is embedded in the form of an iFrame into your website.

9. What types of Technology do you support apart from 3D printing?


We support 3D printing technology (all available technologies and custom 3D printing technology), Vacuum casting and we will be integrating Injection Moulding and CNC machining into the platform soon.

10. Does Phasio help with manufacturability checks on the parts uploaded?


Phasio does mesh analysis and repairs on all the parts uploaded. We use a proprietary algorithm that checks for broken meshes and helps repair the part while keeping the geometry intact. We also allow you to download the repaired and original files on the platform.

11. What shipping providers do you integrate with in Phasio?


We work with over 80 different types of shipping providers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Deutsche Post. You can get accurate and automated shipping pricing by connecting your Phasio account to your carrier account to get started.

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Flexible pricing

We maintain flexible pricing algorithms to fit any kind of manufacturer. From gears to rocket engines, we can get the price right.

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Secure payment

We partner with Payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay and PayTM to provide secure payments globally.

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Easy onboarding

Getting started with Phasio takes less than 10 minutes. Book a demo with us, and start accepting online orders within a day.

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